Friday, July 24, 2009

Syfy Stargate Universe Trailer

SyFy has released a new trailer of Stargate Universe, and at long last but not least, we have the real deal! Oh Good, fool I was to doubt that Stargate Universe would be awesome. Enjoy below the new Stargate Universe trailer:


A gateway that was supposed to bring them home...
took them to the other side of the universe!

From the makers of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis
comes the story of a group of survivors,
who have lost everything...
Except hope!
This Fall
New Worlds, Ancient Mysteries, Extraordinary Adventure.

Where will Destiny take you?

I really like this new take on the Stargate franchise. Stargate Universe is much more mature than the tho other series: it will for sure mark the Stargate franchise for the best. And my geek soul was damn happy to see Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O'Neill appearing at the beginning of this Stargate Universe trailer!

Here's another Stargate Universe trailer shown during the comic con:

By the way and Stargate Universe is now scheduled to debut on October 2, 2009 as a two-hour movie and then begin regular weekly airings on Syfy in the United States in October 2009.