Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stargate Universe SGU Trailer

A new Stargate Universe trailer has shown up, and I can't say I'm hooked... Well, check for yourself:


Home: A memory
Safety: a myth
Trust: a mistake

The only mission is survival!

I really dislike this watery music in the background: it really spoils this Stargate Universe trailer. And because of this ill-chosen soundtrack I'm already pissed off by the whining chubby boy in red shirt (David Blue as Eli Wallace)...

Can't leave on such an impression so I turned off the sound, and guess what: it saves the thing! I had more focus on details , and I'm more confident that this is indeed a show spawned from the Stargate franchise.

Really what were they thinking about when releasing this trailer of Stargate Universe: do they want to kill the show even before it starts to air?