Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stargate Universe Episode List

Here below an episode list of Stargate Universe. SGU should span over three seasons at least. 20 episodes are already planned for the first season of Stargate Universe:

Stargate Universe Season 1

SGU S1xE01 Air (Part 1)

SGU S1xE02 Air (Part 2)

SGU S1xE03 Air (Part 3)

SGU S1xE04 Fire

SGU S1xE05 Water

SGU S1xE06 Earth
Some members of the team travel to Earth through an intergalactic communication device. Richard Dean Anderson may make a guest appearance as Jack O'Neill.[

SGU S1xE07 Time

SGU S1xE08 Life

SGU S1xE09 Justice

SGU S1xE10 Space

SGU S1xE11

SGU S1xE12

SGU S1xE13

SGU S1xE14

SGU S1xE15

SGU S1xE16

SGU S1xE17

SGU S1xE18

SGU S1xE19

SGU S1xE20

We will update this episode guide of Stargate Universe and complete with episode summaries as soon as we get more details.

So stay tuned!